The Fine Art of Conversation

The Fine Art of Conversation

It was like Picasso meets Van Gogh meets Salvador Dali. But it was actually the high-impact Visual Minutes recording the discussions held by Meetings Show visitors with a combination of senior representative from the new Institute of Events Management and EFAPCO the European Federation of the Associations of PCOs.

They are occupying the special zone dedicated to extending the “Big Conversation” on skills and professional recognition for the meetings and events industry.

We had a series of hot questions, which attracted plenty of excellent answers,” said IEM Chair Susan Spibey. “Did visitors know about the IEM? Was it important to have a qualification from a recognised professional body? Did having a degree in event management make it easier to work in the sector? Would visitors like to be part of a global network of revised professionals?

The IEM will be able to offer all of these any plenty more, when it lifts off in the upcoming months,” she added.

And EFAPCO Board Members were able to offer a European perspective on many of the issues being tackled by the IEM , not least thanks to its EUROBS educational research programme.

In extending the “big conversation” on skills and professional recognition we are creating an environment to capture the views of individuals as to whether they would benefit from the Institute of Event Management.

The dramatic, hyperactive, Mural Minutes were interpreted and painted by an expert team from CreativeConnection a communication and graphic facilitation agency that is made up of artists, visual facilitators, coaches, animators, producers, trainers, digital strategists and consultants.

Some of our core strengths include visual scribing and graphic facilitation and these are infused into everything we do with a focus on ‘Transformative Narrative’. The key to our success is our ability to listen, record and then visualise,” said CreativeConnection’s Arianna Corradi.

The team delivers a range of services that effectively cover a variety of needs, designing a bespoke package that incorporates a range of services to maximise and achieve project objectives, ensuring maximum engagement with the audience. Some of the key services we offer include: animations, visual minutes, consultancy, training and away days.

Visual communication is a proven way of enhancing business communication and our creative thinking and visual scribing can help clients achieve this.

We believe story is the sole source of creativity, conflict, imagination, change and engagement. Since 1984 CreativeConnection has worked to close the gap between the story (the narrative) people tell about what they are doing, with the story they aspire to achieve.”

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